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1. What is MiniMagAsm?

MiniMagAsm is minimalistic, but powerful and flexible content management system ( CMS ), implemented entirely in assembly language.

2. Is it free?

MiniMagAsm is free, open source project, distributed under the terms of "The Fresh Artistic License".

"Author" of MiniMagAsm is John Found.

3. How to get the source?

The source code of MiniMagAsm is hosted in the repository.

The version control system used is fossil-scm, but you can visit the above address and download .zip files with the latest version (or any of the previous versions as well).

4. How to use MiniMagAsm?

In order to use MiniMagAsm you will need working web server, supporting binary executables as CGI scripts.

All decent hosting providers allows this feature. Usually they refer to it as CGI-BIN or simply mention C++ in one line with PHP, Perl, etc.

The server hardware must be x86 compatible and the operating system Linux or Windows.

About installation and use of MiniMagAsm you should read the user manual.

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:)John Found:

A bug in the MD5 hash implementation has been fixed, so some gravatars will look properly now. :)






Win win, works


<script>alert("test")</script> äöüi






This is pretty neat.

:)Septian Wibisono:

great. very useful for robotic engineer.


This is cartoonishly fast, congrats on the work.


I wish I was this cool :o


such masochism




all the negative comments, wow. nice work.

:)Dumb Idea:

This is retarded.

:)Mark Williams:

Need Help in Assembly please any one send me Thanks

:)Steve Emms:

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